Drewish Deli

Healdsburg Bagel Company began as a hobby and turned into a passion. In 2013, Drew Ross’ father-in-law came for a visit and asked where they could get good bagels. The search proved fruitless. Little did they know that such a simple request would turn into an epic journey that would lead Ross into the kitchen himself. His mission: to make a great bagel. They baked the first batch together from a recipe his father-in-law shared. It was good but not good enough and Drew’s deep dive began in earnest. Numerous tweaks and thousands of batches later, Drew finally came up with the “perfect” bagel. It wasn’t until he shared bagels with his friends that he realized he wasn’t on this quest alone. And so the Healdsburg Bagel Company was born. Every batch is made to order fresh daily inspired by Drew’s commitment to providing authentic NY bagels right here in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, and beyond. 

My Mission

Our deli mission is to create a culinary haven where jewish deli flavors and the artistry of freshly baked goods come together in perfect harmony. We are dedicated to crafting exceptional, made-from-scratch deli fare and artisanal baked goods that awaken the senses and delight our patrons. Our commitment to quality means using the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers who share our passion for excellence. We strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment where guests can savor the nostalgia of a classic deli experience while relishing the aroma of freshly baked bagels and more. We aim to transport our customers on a culinary journey with every bite, elevating their dining experience to new heights. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression that lingers in the hearts and palates of all who visit us.

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