Passover Made Easy (and Delicious!)

What’s a Matzah you? Passover is coming.  Ease into Passover with Drewish Deli’s lovingly prepared Meal Pack, available April 22-30!. Each pack serves four people and includes:

House-made Brisket: Tender, melt-in-your-mouth brisket from Beffa Springs Ranch, cooked low and slow in our signature marinade.
Matzo Ball Soup: Two quarts of comforting, house-made soup.
House-made Gefilte Fish with Horseradish Aioli: Fresh, flavorful fish with a tangy, creamy kick.
House-made Noodle Kugel: Our unique take on a classic, with a blend of creamy goodness!
French Almond Macaroon Cookies: Light, sweet treats to finish your feast.


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